We Do The Work

Saturdays, 8am to 8:30am (PST)

A local worker radio program. Weekly features include News, Interviews, Music, and Comments.

We Do The Work believes American Workers are at the heart of our Economy and Culture and deserve dignity, respect, and a decent family wage.  Our mission is to Educate! Agitate! Mobilize!  Entertain!

WE DO THE WORK is dedicated to the well-being of all workers, union and non-union alike. The program believes that everyone who toils for wages or salaries, or who would if they could find a job, deserves to be treated fairly and have the opportunity to live in economic security. With the drastic increase in inequality over the last thirty years, fair treatment and economic security have become more mirage than reality to millions of workers.

In its interviews, reports and commentaries, WE DO THE WORK, explores why and how workers are under attack and suggests what we can do about it. Program topics range from free trade agreements to health care, from immigration to legislative deception. Though WE DO THE WORK originates in a rural Washington State community, its interests are often national and sometimes even global in scope.

In short, WE DO THE WORK provides listeners with the knowledge and tools they need to seek and achieve social and economic justice for all of us who do the nation’s work.