Top Ten Tracks of the Week

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Top Ten Tracks!

#10: Hatchie – Adored

The new track from the Australian singer/songwriter is a part of Adult Swim’s Singles Program which sees a new song being debuted by a different band every Wednesday for 31 weeks. The song finds Hatchie taking her dreamy synth pop sound to arena-sized proportions.


#9: Ian Sweet – Hiding

Jilian Medford aka Ian Sweet returns with more indie rock fuzz on her new album Crush Crusher. The single Hiding finds Medford’s soft voice trying to stay afloat as her guitar rips apart everything around her, sometimes letting the instrument speak on behalf of her.

#8: Varsity – The Dogs Only Listen To Him

The Chicago group delivers another lo-fi jammer that evokes the summery vibes of classic 1960’s surf groups filtered through the hazy lens of your favorite 90’s alt/college radio band.


#7: Axis: Sova – New Disguise

This new track released from Drag City Records finds Chicago’s favorite garage punk Brett Sova aka Axis: Sova reeling in his noisiest tendencies and giving himself some pop etiquette lessons. It is either the rowdiest Elvis Costello impression you have ever heard or the mellowest take on Jay Reatard depending on how you want to look at it.

#6: Swearin’ – Grow Into A Ghost

Swearin’ is back and their new album released through Merge called Fall Into The Sun finds the trio sharper than ever as Allison Crutchfield’s infectious guitar hooks leaves the listener only wanting more.


#5: SRSQ – The Martyr

SRSQ, the new solo project of Kennedy Ashlyn (formerly of Them Are Us Too), finds the singer/songwriter trying to make sense of the tragic loss of her former bandmate Cash Askew who died in the Oakland Ghost Ship Fire of 2016. The new album Unreality released on Dais Records finds Kennedy revisiting the same dark synth sound that her former band was constantly exploring as her haunting voice leads the listener down her deepest and darkest thoughts.

#4: Warthog – Brainwasher

The New York City hardcore band’s latest 7″ is another set of bombastic, confrontational songs that has frontman Chris Hansell (formerly of The Men) growling his despairs loud enough for anyone in a 50 mile radius to hear.

#3: Boyo – Attic

Boyo is the brainchild of songwriter Robert Tilden who takes a lo-fi approach to the easy listening grooves of 70’s late night FM.

#2: Cloud Nothings – Another Way Of Life

Cloud Nothings’ latest output Last Building Burning is the heaviest record Dylan Baldi and company have released to date and shows that an indie rock band can still sound mad if they want to.
#1: Charles Bradley – Can’t Fight The Feeling
Posthumously released, Bradley’s latest and final collection of songs called Black Velvet is another grand display of the soul singers tremendous powers. A fitting final note to one of the true greats.